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Computer Teacher

Atika Melvi Shara, S.T

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mistery. But today is a gift. That is why It’s called the present. 

- Master Oogway
Name : Atika Melvi Shara
Education background : TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal, Surabaya
SD Negeri Margorejo 4/406, Surabaya
SD Negeri Karawaci 4, Tangerang
SMP Negeri 9 Kota Tangerang
Sma Negeri 11 Kota Tangerang
Gunadarma University
Name : Atika Melvi Shara
Nick Name : Shara
Place of birth : Jakarta
Date of birth : 18 Januari 1997
Hobbies : Singing