About our School

Our School is one of Tangerang city’s Best Secondary Schools.
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, ethical enrichment and three languages
(B. Mandarin - B. Inggris - B. Indonesia).

Citra Bangsa is a legal entity in the form of education. It was
inagurated on July 5th 2006, with six different level of education

Namely :

  • Playgroup
  • Kindergarten (TK)
  • Elementary (SD)
  • Junior High School (SMP)
  • Senior High School (SMA)
  • Vocational High School (SMK)

Citra Bangsa is an legal institution proven on Oct 1 st 2007, Kindergarten and elemetary School has been trusted to obtain operational establisment permit for kindergarten and elementary school for government (NO. 421.1/2757-TU dan NO.421.2/2756-TU) as well as the number of school statistic.

Through the long process also , finally Citra Bangsa School and senior high school with the legal entity from the government with the permit number (No 421.3/167-TU) on January 22nd 2008. knowing on how important language CBS a made special program for the the student , they will learn in 3 different language everday, Bahasa Indonesia 10%, English 60% and mandarin 30%.

CBS Foundation realize that globalization era general and AFTA Program specially language. It’s become more important to rise up the standar of knowledge and skill which can refer to the better future.

Based on our motto

Language is a window of the world

,  we delivery a course material as follows :

  • Learning Mathematics taught in English Pelajaran matematika dalam Bahasa Inggris
  • Social Studies taught in Bahasa Indonesia
  • English Lesson Every day
  • Mandarin Lesson Every day
  • Moral Education
  • Religion (According to the Student faith)
  • Bahasa Indonesia Subjects

To ensure our student able to speak english and mandarin fluently , the management of CBS encourage all the students as well as the teachers and staff member to used english and mandarin in our daily conversation, beacuse we believed that learning without daily it’s useless things It’s not only practicing, To support the student in learning foreign language process, CBS not only provide them qualified

local teachers but also we provide them also with the expatriate mandarin teachers,as well.

Vision and Mision


To create a better future , by giving education experienced, kowledge and having a good morality devoted to god almighty & virtous , have a proper skills as well as physical and spiritualy health so it’s well make a strong personality, independent & responsible.

Uphold the cultural and religious diversity that makes the perfect human being based on our countingoes symbol “Pancasila”

Paskalina Alwidin, B.Sc.,S.H.,M.H.,C.L.A.,C.T.L
Director / Owner
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